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simply we are a team of tech geeks!

Codent Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Codent Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an international provider of software and service solutions for the different sectors, based in Qatar & India.

Providing everything from project management, document control, resource planning, and time collection to digital asset management, our integrative products offer a total business solution; designed to streamline workforce processes, improve business performance, maximize resource potential and increase productivity.

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple, become the best problem solver. To be one of the best software solution providers for any type of business. We love what we do. Our vision is based on building Codent Software on three key elements

Our Mission

To bring the use of technology into all businesses across the nations by combining the best quality and commitment, resulting in profit for both our clients and ourselves.

Our Resources

Codent Software has the genius of experts in all aspects of solutions development who have a decade of experience in providing solutions to business problems that suit all industries across the globe up to the ISO standards.


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