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To achieve this, we offer a combination of services that may involve using one of our ‘off-the-shelf’ products, or a completely bespoke custom-written software application. As well as the software writing service, we can provide business analysis, and project management through consultancy services based on your idea and requirements.

And with every application we deliver, we provide support options suited to the use of the application and business ensuring total comfort and peace of mind.

Whether you are looking for basic software development services for a prototyping type of project, or have a requirement to deliver a large customized development for your business, we can assist by carefully discussing your needs and delivering on the requirement. Our particular strengths are in integrating third-party applications and solving business problems based on technology.


A set of related web pages located under a single domain name, typically produced by a single person or organization. At its simplest, a website provides a quick and easy way of communicating information, and contact information, showing images of your location or products, and using contact forms to facilitate inquiries from potential customers or feedback from existing ones.

Members Module

Membership is something that some business firms or other organizations introduce to help customers and to ensure a long-term relationship with customers. A customer can be a member of a business venture to avail of special offers and other benefits. Member, a fellow member is one of the persons who compose a social group especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization.

Leads Sharing

The purpose of this module is to share business opportunities with fellow members. For example, if a group has 10 members doing unique business. Each member will share any business opportunity related to the business of the members within the team or from outside the team.

Business to Business

The purpose of this module is to follow up with each member within their chapter members. For example, if any member met or was invited by others. The details should be updated. If any member got any lead from others & the member has to schedule the meeting with the lead person & have to complete the meeting.

Thanks Giving

The purpose of this module is to send thanksgiving notifications or messages to the members, for example, if any member got any lead &  has successfully completed then the member will give thanksgiving to the member.

Blood Donation

Blood Donation The purpose of this module is to Save the Details of the Members Who donated blood in any Campaign as a part of Social Activity. For example, if a member has Donated his blood in any Campaign held in the city, that data should be entered in this module.


                                  An all-in-one event management platform, capable of handling events of any type or scale.  and ticket sales to visibility and promotion.  Events help you manage on-site and online events. Organize events, publish event websites, promote venues, and sell tickets. It allows you to efficiently organize events and all related tasks: registration tracking, attendance, etc. Preparing and managing internal and external events becomes straightforward with this new App.

                                  It covers the life cycle of a typical event:

                                  Description of the event
                                  The planning
                                  Sending invitations and subscription confirmations
                                  Registering event attendance
                                  Automated verification of required min/max seat registrations


                                  It includes the cost of the products purchased or services rendered to the buyer. Invoices can also serve as legal records if they contain the names of the seller and client, the description and price of goods or services, and the terms of payment This Module is used to Create Invoices for the members. for example if any person wants to become the member or any member wants to restart their membership they have to pay a membership fee. After paying the fee we will create an invoice for that payment & will give it to that person or send it by email.


                                  A dashboard is a visual display of all of your data. While it can be used in all kinds of different ways, its primary intention is to provide information at-a-glance, such as KPIs. A dashboard usually sits on its own page and receives information from a linked database.

                                  Accounting & Finance Module Features 

                                  • Chart of Accounts

                                  • Suppliers/Customers Invoices/Refund

                                  • Suppliers/Customers Payments

                                  • Supplier/Customer Profiles and Ledgers

                                  • General Ledgers

                                  • General Ledgers KPIs  

                                  • Journal Vouchers/Entries

                                  • Accounting & Financial Report

                                  • Invoice & Payment Reconciliation

                                  • Multi-Currency

                                  • Bank Reconciliation

                                  • Payments Vouchers

                                  • GST Management

                                  • Dashboard/Dynamic Reporting

                                  Sales Management Module Features  

                                  • Customer Master Data.

                                  • Sales Quotation

                                  • Sales Order and Sales Invoice

                                  • Multiple Sales Prices per Product

                                  • Show standard terms & conditions on orders

                                  • Customer price-lists  

                                  • Dashboard / Dynamic Reporting

                                  Purchase Management Module Features 

                                  • Vendor Master Data

                                  • Approval Process

                                  • Request for Quotation

                                  • Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice

                                  • Vendor Price Lists  

                                  • Dashboard/Dynamic Reporting

                                  Email Marketing Module Features 


                                  • Manage Campaigns  

                                  • Drag & drop editor  

                                  • H Personalize  

                                  • Action Button   

                                  • Themes  

                                  • Templates  

                                  • Manage your campaigns  

                                  • Import contacts  

                                  • Create custom mailing lists  

                                  • Reply to

                                  • Schedule

                                  • Sample testing

                                  • Opt-out

                                  • Improve delivery rate

                                  • Fully responsive

                                  • Undelivered emails

                                  • Mail server

                                  • Dashboard/Dynamic Reporting

                                  SMS Marketing Module Features 

                                  • Manage Campaigns  

                                  • Import contacts  

                                  • Create contact lists  

                                  • Schedule SMS  

                                  • SMS Marketing Campaign testing

                                  • Manage Opt-out

                                  • Manage Blacklist

                                  • A/B testing

                                  • Send SMS

                                  • Get insights

                                  • Undelivered SMS

                                  • Dashboard/Dynamic Reporting

                                  ERP General Features 


                                  • Web Based

                                  • Instant Messaging System/Internal Messaging 

                                  • Activity Management

                                  • Data Export/Import 

                                  • Attachments on Documents/Forms

                                  • Mobile View (Mobile responsive interface)  

                                  • Email Integration

                                  • BI Reports & Dashboards

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