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To achieve this, we offer a combination of services which may involve using one of our ‘off-the-shelf’ products, or a completely bespoke custom-written software application. As well as the software writing service, we can provide business analysis, project management through consultancy services based around your idea and requirements.

And with every application we deliver, we provide support options suited to the use of the application and business ensuring total comfort and peace of mind.

Whether you are looking for basic software development services for a prototyping type of project, or have a requirement to deliver a large customized development for your business, we can assist by carefully discussing your needs and delivering on the requirement. Our particular strengths are in integrating third-party applications and solving business problems based on technology.

Admission & Fees Management System

Attendance Management keeps track of your employee hours. It is the system you use to document the time your employees work and the time they take off. Attendance Management can be done by recording employee hours on paper, using spreadsheets, punching time cards, or using online attendance software for your company. Fee management software allows you to customize fee structure based on your unique needs with the ability to set discounts, add or edit fees, and collect penalties with ease

Student Administration System:

The Student Administration System (SAS) stores all student information, including contact, enrollment and results details. The database also holds details of the programs and courses offered by the University and is used to manage student financial information.Student Management System (SMS) is a solution tool that is designed to track, maintain and manage all the data generated by a School

Student Attendance System

Student attendance management system deals with the maintenance of the student's attendance details. It generates the attendance of the student on basis of presence in class. It is maintained on the daily basis of their attendance. The students attendance reports based on weekly and consolidate will be generated.

Examination System

Examinations are a formal assessment process, where candidates can showcase their knowledge and proficiency in a given subject or topic. They are administered with varying purposes and at varying frequencies by an assessment or recruitment body. A student who takes an examination is a candidate. The person who decides how well the student has performed is the examiner

Finance Management System 

A financial management system (FMS) is the software and processes an organization uses to manage assets, income and expenses. An FMS performs various functions: reducing accounting errors, maintaining audit trails and ensuring compliance with applicable accounting standards In education, financial management overseeing the funding for building and grounds, employee salaries, student programs, supplies, and technology.Sound financial management in an education system includes holding regular meetings at the district and school levels to review expenditures, income, and needs

Payroll & Leave Management System

A payroll management system is software that is used to manage all your employee's financial records in a simple and automated fashion. This payroll management system manages employee's salaries, deductions, other conveyance, net pay, bonuses and generation of pay-slips, eta leave management system, also known as LMS, is a platform that enables a company to easily and correctly allocate, track and grant leave as well as allow for employees to request and track their own leave.

Communication Skills

Reading, writing and listening carefully are the three most important communication skills for students. These skills like most of the communication skills sounds too familiar as a result of which we take them for granted

Transport Management System 

A school bus transport management system is a tool that helps students, parents, staff, teachers and management at a school efficiently manage transport options to and fro (and if needed, between) the school.

Library Management

A library management system is ERP software that is designed & developed to manage all the in-house functions of a library. A librarian requires maintaining a database of new books and the books that are borrowed by users along with their due dates. This system completely automates all your library's activities.

Hostel Management

Manage your hostel and campus residences efficiently. Centrally manage & allocate rooms across multiple residential facilities, assign staff and warden, manage hostel fee collection and generate instant occupancy reports for hostels.


Classroom Performance Reports

Track course progress and identify poor performing students,batches & classes.

Color Coded Performance Reports

Quickly analyze student performance in exams & assignments.

POS Module Features 


  • POS Categories

  • Offline availability of POS

  • Synchronization of Data

  • Different Payment Methods

  • Patient Photo Capture  

  • Offline payments acceptance

  • Accounting integration  

  • Currency rounding  

  • Tips recording

  • Prices & Discounts

  • Customized receipts

  • Blazing fast search

  • Parallel orders

  • Order history

  • POS Categories 

  • Offline availability of POS

  • Synchronization of Data

  • Different Payment Methods

  • Patient Photo Capture  

  • Offline payments acceptance

  • Accounting integration  

  • Currency rounding  

  • Tips recording

  • Prices & Discounts

  • Customized receipts

  • Blazing fast search

  • Parallel orders

POS Module Features 


  • Order history

  • Daily sales

  • Stock & Inventory

  • Cashier account

  • POS Login Screen

  • Customer Screen

  • Order/line Note

  • E-Receipt

  • Rounding

  • Order Screen

  • Quick Cash Payment

  • Product Screen

  • Price list Extension

  • Current Screen Lock

  • Show Cart Details

  • Order/Product Return

  • Bag Charges

  • Out of Stock Details

  • Payment Charges

  • Serial/Lot Numbers

  • Partial Payment

  • Order Reservation

  • Create Purchase Order

  • Money In/Out from Cash Drawer

  • Promotions

  • Display Stock for Product

  • Loyalty Program

  • Gift Card

ERP General Features 

  • Web Based

  • Instant Messaging System/Internal Messaging

  • Activity Management

  • Data Export/Import

  • Attachments on Documents/Forms

  • Mobile View (Mobile responsive interface)  

  • Email Integration

  • BI Reports & Dashboards

POS Module Features 


  • Gift Voucher

  • Print Product Return Valid days

  • Card Charges

  • Wallet Management

  • Broadcast Messages

  • Multi Terminal Lock

  • Session Close (Cash Control)

  • Keyboard Shortcut

  • Generate Different Bar code and Unique Internal Ref.

  • Credit/Debit Management

  • Customer Birthday/Anniversary Reminder

  • Accounting Reports

  • Set Product Valid Days from Backed

  • Multi UOM

Inventory/Stock Module Features  


  • Product Master Data

  • Multiple Product Categories

  • Different attributes and Variants for Products

  • Multiple Warehouses and Locations

  • Stock Movement Tracking

  • Inventory Transfers

  • Inventory Adjustments

  • Multiple Unit of Measures

  • Item Scrap location management

  • Inventory Valuation

  • Dashboard/Dynamic Reporting

Accounting & Finance Module Features 

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Suppliers/Customers Invoices/Refund

  • Suppliers/Customers Payments

  • Supplier/Customer Profiles and Ledgers

  • General Ledgers

  • General Ledgers KPI’s  

  • Journal Vouchers/Entries

  • Accounting & Financial Report

  • Invoice & Payment Reconciliation

  • Multi-Currency

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Payments Vouchers

  • GST Management

  • Dashboard/Dynamic Reporting

Sales Management Module Features  

  • Customer Master Data.

  • Sales Quotation

  • Sales Order and Sales Invoice

  • Multiple Sales Prices per Product

  • Show standard terms & conditions on orders

  • Customer price lists  

  • Dashboard / Dynamic Reporting

Purchase Management Module Features 

  • Vendor Master Data

  • Approval Process

  • Request for Quotation

  • Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice

  • Vendor Price Lists  

  • Dashboard/Dynamic Reporting

HRMS with Payroll Module Features 

  • Employee Master

  • Manage Employee Contracts

  • Employee Attendance

  • Employee Leaves

  • Employee Payroll  

  • Allowances and Deductions

  • Dashboard/Dynamic Reporting

Email Marketing Module Features 


  • Manage Campaigns  

  • Drag & drop editor  

  • H Personalize  

  • Action Button   

  • Themes  

  • Templates  

  • Manage your campaigns  

  • Import contacts  

  • Create custom mailing lists  

  • Reply to

  • Schedule

  • Sample testing

  • Opt-out

  • Improve delivery rate

  • Fully responsive

  • Undelivered emails

  • Mail server

  • Dashboard/Dynamic Reporting

SMS Marketing Module Features 

  • Manage Campaigns  

  • Import contacts  

  • Create contact lists  

  • Schedule SMS  

  • SMS Marketing Campaign testing

  • Manage Opt-out

  • Manage Blacklist

  • A/B testing

  • Send SMS

  • Get insights

  • Undelivered SMS

  • Dashboard/Dynamic Reporting

Fleet Management with GPS tracking Module Features 

  • In-depth descriptions

  • Leasing contracts

  • Keep track of mileage

  • Monitor fuel consumption  

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Overview by car

  • GPS tracking system

  • Statuses

  • Dashboard/Dynamic Reporting

HR & Staff Management

  • Staff records

  • Staff attendance

  • Leave Management

  • Payroll and salary

  • Reimbursement

  • Promotion/Transfer


  • GPS Bus tracking

  • Online Course selling Portal

  • Website builder

  • Fee EMI options

  • Premium Content  Access

Certificate & Report Card

  • Dynamic certificate designing

  • Certificate print records

  • Mark sheet design (CBSE, ICSE, State boards etc)

  • Import marks

  • Report

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