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Spa & Salon System
Owning a spa or salon can be creatively and professionally very satisfying, but managing one might be the most exhausting things ever. You have to take care of a lot of things including the availability of the staff, the scheduling of appointments, billing and equipment management. It might not be viable to do everything manually because no matter how many staff are there at your disposal, errors are bound to happen. This can affect the customer experience and consequently goodwill of the customers.
In such cases, the necessity of a spa and salon management software cannot be neglected. It’s always better to use a systematic and sophisticated software to manage your entire enterprise. Invest in Spa and Salon management software made our client increase their sales double very quickly. Our suggested solution included end-to-end features such as appointment scheduling, online booking, employee management, Point of Sale, Reports Management, marketing tools and CRM. By these features, team was equipped with needed tools to run the business effectively and efficiently. We offered a salon scheduling system with unprecedented ease of use and PoS features that enhance their business. system.
Our fully customization software is designed to help you in every aspect of your salon or spa operations, thereby improving the customer experience and consequently, business growth. With this software, you can easily manage your clients and appointments. You can set appointment reminders, contact your customers and do many more. Its fully customization interface allows you to decide what data to be displayed in the interface.
Our software also lets you run automated ads that does jobs like sending clients messages, anniversary greetings and email blasts for you. By this automated marketing technique, you no longer have to worry about spending too much time maintaining a good relationship with your customers amidst your busy schedule, because the software will do it for you!
The greatest beauty of this tool is that you don’t have to be at your desk 24*7 to manage your company. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a trip out of town or you’re not able to make it to the office. Since everything is online, you can log into the software using your account using any available device and continue working. It is so user-friendly and portable that you will feel you’re at your office desk whenever you’re working on this Spa and Salon Management software.


  • Easy Booking and Scheduling

  • Staff / Beautician Configuration

  • Staff / Beautician Management

  • Staff / Beautician Commission Management

  • Chair Management and Allocation

  • Customer Management

  • Analysis of Revenue

  • Membership Enrollment


  • Print or Email Receipts.

  • Supports Bar code Scanner.

  • POS Results in Increased Revenue.

  • Easy to Launch Schemes and Packages on Festivals.

  • Replace your Daily Admin Tasks with Automation and Tools.

  • Manage Available Service area/chairs for Optimum Utilization.

  • Full ERP for Spa and Salon Business.

  • Comprehensive Membership Management.

  • One-Click Commission Calculation Reports.

  • The dashboard Displays up-to-date Bookings, Actions, and Notifications.

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